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Crimson Polaris oil spill 01

CRIMSON POLARIS, a dedicated wood chip ship operated by NYK Line, was washed away by a strong wind while anchored outside Hachinohe Port in Aomori Prefecture at around 7:35 am on Wednesday, August 11th. It ran aground. There is currently no outflow of fuel oil. All crew members have been evacuated from the ship with the cooperation of the Japan Coast Guard, and it has been confirmed that they are safe.

The ship owner is MI-DAS LINE S.A. (hereinafter "ship owner"), the management company is Misuka Kaiun (hereinafter "ship management company"), and NYK is chartered.

[ Crimson Polaris]

Ship type: Wood chip dedicated ship

Overall length / width: 199.9 meters / 32.2 meters

Total tons: 39,910 tons

Crew: 21 people (Chinese, Filipino)

Ship registration: Panama

Shipowner: MI-DAS LINE S.A.

Management company: Misuka Shipping

Year of completion: 2008


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