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Crimson Polaris oil spill 03

CRIMSON POLARIS, a dedicated wood chip ship chartered by NYK from MI-DAS LINE SA (an affiliate of Toun Kisen Co., Ltd., hereinafter "shipowner"), will be launched on August 11th. (Wednesday) The ship ran aground off the coast of Hachinohe, and the hull was divided and an oil spill occurred at 4:15 am on Thursday, August 12th. ..

1. 1. Control of oil turbidity (as of 7:00 pm on August 12)

As of August 11, when the ship ran ashore, she had about 1,550 MT of heavy oil and about 130 MT of light oil as her fuel. At this time, the amount of oil that has been washed away has not been identified. The Maritime Disaster Prevention Center is continuing to control oil spills using oil treatment agents and adsorption mats. In addition, as soon as oil drifting to the beach is confirmed, oil recovery companies are preparing to perform beach cleaning.

2. Status of the ship

A crack that occurred near the space between the No. 5 cargo hold and the No. 6 cargo hold at the rear of the hull progressed, and it was divided into two parts (the bow and the stern). The divided bow is suspended by an anchor chain, and the stern seems to have landed on the seabed. Regarding the towing and treatment of the divided hull, the shipowner and the ship management company are currently considering the prevention of environmental pollution with the relevant authorities and salvage companies as the highest priority. We are monitoring the behavior.

3. Investigation of the cause of the accident

The cause of the stranded accident is currently being confirmed, and the investigative authorities are conducting an interview with the captain of the ship.


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