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Crimson Polaris oil spill 10

In the morning of 8/23, we conducted a beached birds survey on two coastlines on the south side of Hachinohe City. I was able to talk to the Shirahama beach guard, and he said that city officials from three departments, including Environment Division, are conducting a lookout every day in the Morning and Evening. It seems that no oil drifting has been observed on the southern coast of Hachinohe Port, including Kabushima.

An old corpse of a Streaked Shearwater, which seems to have nothing to do with this outflow, was collected on the Shirahama coast.

In the afternoon, I surveyed the coastline from the mouth of the Gonohe River to the mouth of the Oirase River on the north side of Hachinohe Port. Since it is not possible to get off the coastline due to the revetment work after the earthquake except for the spit at the mouth of the Oirase River, it is an apocalypse from the top of the breakwater by bicycle. there are no oil, and we have not observed anything other than the corpse of an old Shearwater from the spit.

by KazU


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