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Crimson Polaris oil spill 11

On the 5th day of the Crimson Polaris Oil Spill beached birds Survey,I started on the north coast from Misawa Fishing Port. Two carcasses of Shearwater have been collected, but their relationship to heavy oil is unknown because they have been processed by a scavenger.

On the way, I encountered a local surfer who was silently collecting trash by himself. Thank you, Mr. Nakamura.

In the afternoon, I continued to conduct a beached birds survey on the Pacific coast in Misawa City, and for the first time in this coastline survey, we encountered sand that smells of heavy oil. It is the estuary of a stream just north of the Pacific Observatory.

When I asked the incident commander of the Maritime Disaster Prevention Center today, it was said that the fuel spill point on the hull had already been sealed and the spill had stopped. It was said that the heavy oil that could be seen with the naked eye was removed, and the contaminated sandy beach was aerated and awaited decomposition by ultraviolet rays and bacteria. If a person enters the beach in this state, heavy oil will be buried and decomposition will be delayed.

The weather is forecast to deteriorate tomorrow, so I will return to Tokyo once.

by KazU


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