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Crimson Polaris oil spill 04

A Panama-registered cargo ship ran aground off the coast of Hachinohe Port, causing heavy fuel oil to spill out, making it difficult to recover oil and cargo that had washed ashore on the coast of Misawa City. On the 14th, oil drifting was newly confirmed on the coast north of Hachinohe City, and the damage spread. On the same day, the Maritime Disaster Prevention Center (Yokohama City), which is in charge of oil treatment, continued the cleaning work on the coast of the Orikasa district of Misawa City the day before.

According to the 2nd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, as a result of the land survey, oil spills were confirmed in multiple places from Hachinohe to the coast of Misawa.

In the Orikasa district of Misawa City, where beach cleaning work has begun, seven workers used rakes to collect wood chips, which are believed to be the cargo of a cargo ship that had been launched.

Furthermore, in the northern part of the city, the salty district of the city, the smell of oil drifts around until the wood chips covered with oil are scattered over a wide area at the beach.

Quoted from Daily Tohoku


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